Classical-quantum (c-q) code 


Code designed specifically for transmission of classical information through non-classical channels, e.g., quantum channels, hybrid quantum-classical channels, or channels with classical inputs and quantum outputs. Such codes include maps from a classical alphabet into a quantum Hilbert space.


The Holevo channel capacity, \begin{align} C=\lim_{n\to\infty}\frac{1}{n}\chi\left({\cal N}^{\otimes n}\right)~, \tag*{(1)}\end{align} where \(\chi\) is the Holevo information, is the highest rate of classical information transmission through a quantum channel with arbitrarily small error rate [13].

This capacity is equal to the single-letter Holevo information of a single copy of the channel, \(\chi(\cal{N})\), for all known deterministically constructed channels. However, it is known to be superadditive, i.e., not equal to the single-copy case, for particular random channels [4].

Corrections to the Holevo capacity and tradeoff between decoding error, code rate and code length are determined in quantum generalizations of small [5], moderate [6,7], and large [8] deviation analysis. Bounds also exist on the one-shot capacity, i.e., the achievability of classical codes given only one use of the quantum channel [914]; see [14; Table 2] for a summary.

Ideal decoding error scales is suppressed exponentially with the number of subsystems \(n\) (for c-q block codes), and the exponent has been studied in Ref. [15].




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