\(q\)-ary LDPC code[1] 

Also known as Non-binary LDPC (NBDPC) code.


A \(q\)-ary linear code with a sparse parity-check matrix. Alternatively, a member of an infinite family of \([n,k,d]_q\) codes for which the number of nonzero entries in each row and column of the parity-check matrix are both bounded above by a constant as \(n\to\infty\).

A parity check is performed by taking the inner product of a row of the parity-check matrix with a codeword that has been affected by a noise channel. A parity check yields either zero (no error) or a nonzero field element (error). Despite the fact that there is more than one nonzero outcome, \(q>2g\)-ary linear codes with sparse parity-check matrices are also called LDPC codes.


Non-binary cycle LDPC codes for \(q\geq 32\) can exhibit good performance [24].


  • Tanner code — \(q\)-ary LDPC codes are \(q\)-ary Tanner codes on sparse bipartite graphs whose constraint nodes represent \(q\)-ary parity-check codes.
  • Locally recoverable code (LRC) — LDPC codes are linear LRCs whose locality is the maximum number of nonzero entries in a row of the parity-check matrix [5].



  • \(q\)-ary LDGM code — The dual of a \(q\)-ary LDPC code has a sparse generator matrix and is called a \(q\)-ary LDGM code.


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