Low-density parity-check (LDPC) code[1][2]


Also known as Gallager codes. A \(q\)-ary linear code with a sparse parity-check matrix. More precisely, a member of an infinite family of \([n,k,d]\) codes for which the number of nonzero entries in each row and column of the parity-check matrix are both bounded by a constant as \(n\to\infty\). An LDPC code is \((j,k)\)-regular if the parity-check matrix has a fixed number of \(j\) nonzero entries in each row and \(k\) entries in each column; otherwise, the LDPC code is irregular. The dual of an LDPC code has a sparse generator matrix and is called an LDGM code.

A parity check is performed by taking the inner product of a row of the parity-check matrix with a codeword that has been affected by a noise channel. A parity check yields either zero (no error) or one (error) for binary codes, while yielding zero (no error) or a nonzero field element (error) for \(q\)-ary codes. Despite the fact that there is more than one nonzero outcome, \(q\)-ary linear codes with sparse parity-check matrices are also called LDPC codes.


With high probability, random LDPC codes have constant distance [2].


Achieve capacity on the binary symmetric channel under maximum-likelihood decoding [3][1][4]. Some LDPC codes achieve capacity for smaller block lengths under belief-propagation decoding [5]. Random LDPC codes achieve list-decoding capacity [6].


Almost linear-time encoder based on transforming parity-check matrix into upper triangular form [7].


Message-passing algorithm called belief propagation (BP) [2][8].Linear programming [9].Reinforcement learning [10].


5G NR cellular communication for the traffic channel [11].WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e) [12].Satellite transmission of digital television [13].Quantum key distribution [14].


See Kaiserslautern database [15] for explicit representatives of several classes of LDPC codes, including \(q\)-ary, WiMAX, multi-edge, and spatially-coupled.See pretty-good-codes database [16] for explicit representatives and benchmarking.See Ref. [17] for a review of LDPC codes circa 2005.Codes have been benchmarked using AFF3CT toolbox [18].See book [19] for an introduction to LDPC codes, belief-propagation decoding, and connections to statistical mechanics.





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