The Error Correction Zoo collects and organizes error-correcting codes.

Error correction is what ensures that the audio in your phone calls remains sharp, your hard drives do not deteriorate too quickly, and signals can be reliably transmitted to remote satellites.

Over multiple decades, and with the explosion of the information age, an enormous variety of error-correction schemes were developed. Recently, a radically new type of error correction was introduced, one that can protect the quantum information that is stored in a quantum computer or that is communicated over a quantum network.

We created the Error Correction Zoo to categorize and to organize known classical and quantum error-correction schemes. It is inspired by other similar zoos, including the complexity zoo and the quantum algorithm zoo.

The information displayed in the zoo is stored in a structured form on Do you feel like contributing? Don't hesitate to send us pull requests!

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The Zoo Team

A team of wonderful people have made it possible to create and maintain this zoo.