Bosonic c-q code 

Root code for the Bosonic/analog c-q Kingdom


Bosonic code designed for transmission of classical information through non-classical channels.


The Holevo capacity has been calculated for various bosonic quantum channels [13] such as the lossy bosonic channel [4] or quantum AGWN [5]. The energy-constrained capacity of the noiseless bosonic c-q channel is finite due to quantum effects [6,7], while the Shannon capacity can be infinite. Gordon was the first to calculate such capacities (in a published work) for a specific case [810], and a related discussion is given by Forney [11]. The most information-efficient format of a transmitted message is inditsinguishable from black-body radiation [12].




  • Bosonic code — Bosonic c-q codes are bosonic codes designed to transmit classical information.


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