Nearly perfect code[1,2] 


An \((n,K,2t+1)\) binary code is nearly perfect if parameters \(n\), \(K\), and \(t\) are such that the Johnson bound \begin{align} \frac{{n \choose t}\left(\frac{n-t}{t+1}-\left\lfloor \frac{n-t}{t+1}\right\rfloor \right)}{\left\lfloor \frac{n}{t+1}\right\rfloor }+\sum_{j=0}^{t}{n \choose j}\leq2^{n}/K \tag*{(1)}\end{align} becomes an equality ([3], Sec. 2.3.5; see also Ref. [4], Ch. 17). All nearly perfect binary codes are either perfect, or correspond to either Preparata codes or one of the \((2^{2^r-2-r},2^r-2,3)\) codes for \(r\geq 3\) [5].

Similar definitions can be made for \(q\)-ary codes, but all nearly perfect \(q\)-ary codes must be perfect [6,7].



  • Perfect binary code — Perfect binary codes are nearly perfect, and \(t+1\) divides \(n-t\) for such codes. In addition, any perfect code can be extended to a nearly perfect code.
  • Repetition code
  • Preparata code — Preparata codes are uniformly packed and nearly perfect [1]. For any word \(u\) and Preparata codebook \(C\) with \(d(u, C) > 2\), we have that \(u\) has a distance 2 or 3 to exactly \(\left\lfloor (2^{m+1}-1)/3\right\rfloor\) codewords.
  • Single parity-check (SPC) code



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