Modulation scheme 


A sphere packing mapped into a time-dependent electromagnetic signal [1,2]. There is a close relation between abstract real-space encodings and modulation schemes, and certain simple sphere packings are often synonymous with their corresponding modulation schemes.

Linear modulation schemes encode points into amplitudes of electromagnetic waveforms. Pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM) associates each point with a real-valued amplitude of one quadrature of an electromagnetic waveform [2; Sec. 10.5]. Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) associates each pair of points with a complex-valued two-quadrature amplitude of band-limited signal [2; Ch. 16].


See the book [3] for an introduction to modulation schemes.




  • Coherent-state c-q code — Coherent-state c-q codes are modulation schemes to transmission of classical information over quantum analog channels.
  • Coherent-state constellation code — Coherent-state constellation codes are quantum versions of modulation schemes in that their codewords are superpositions of points in a constellation. Additionally, analog codes that achieve AGWN capacity [4] can be used to develop capacity-achieving concatenations of coherent-state constellation codes with quantum polar codes [5,6].


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