Block code 


A code intended to encode a piece, or block, of a data stream on a block of \(n\) symbols. Each symbol is taken from some fixed possibly infinite alphabet \(\Sigma\) [1; Ch. 3], which can include bits, Galois fields, rings, or real numbers.

The overall alphabet of the code is \(\Sigma^n\), and \(n\) is called the length of the code. In some cases, only a subset of \(\Sigma^n\) is available to use for constructing the code. For example, in the case of spherical codes, one is constrained to \(n\)-dimensional real vectors on the unit sphere.

An alternative more stringent definition (not used here) is in terms of a map encoding logical information from \(\Sigma^k\) into \(\Sigma^n\), yielding an \((n,k,d)_{\Sigma}\) block code, where \(d\) is the code distance.


Block codes protect from errors acting on a few of the \(n\) symbols. A block code with distance \(d\) detects errors acting on up to \(d-1\) symbols, and corrects erasure errors on up to \(d-1\) symbols.


Ideal decoding error scales is suppressed exponentially with the number of subsystems \(n\), and the exponent has been studied in Ref. [24].


Decoding an error-correcting code is equivalent to finding the ground state of some statistical mechanical model [5].





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