Lattice-shell code[1] 


Spherical code whose codewords are scaled versions of points on a lattice. A \(m\)-shell code consists of normalized lattice vectors \(x\) with squared norm \(\|x\|^2 = m\). Each code is constructed by normalizing a set of lattice vectors in one or more shells, i.e., sets of lattice points lying on a hypersphere.


See [2; Ch. 10] for tables of lattice-shell codes.




  • Lattice-based code — Lattice-shell codes consists of lattice points that have been normalized.
  • Cyclic code — Lattice-shell codewords are often permutations of a particular set of reference vectors, meaning that a cyclic permutation of a codeword yields another codeword.
  • Spherical design code — Nonempty \(2m\)-shell codes of extremal even unimodular lattices in \(n\) dimensions form spherical \(t\)-designs with \(t=11\) (\(t=7\), \(t=3\)) if \(n \equiv 0\) (\(n \equiv 8\), \(n\equiv 16\)) modulo 24 [3,4].
  • Hessian polyhedron code — Double Hessian polyhedron codewords form the minimal lattice-shell code of the \(E_6^{\perp}\) lattice.


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