Constant-energy code 

Root code for the Spherical Kingdom


Code whose codewords are points on a real or complex sphere whose radius squared is called the energy. Typically, only angular distances between points are relevant for code performance, so one can normalize codewords of a constant-energy code to obtain up a spherical code, i.e., a constant energy code with energy one.


Constant-energy codes are sphere packings constrained to lie on a sphere, meaning that they can be used to transmit information through the AGWN channel. For a given dimension \(n\), number of codewords \(M\), and average energy \(P\), the constant-energy Gaussian channel coding problem asks to find a set of \(M\) codewords of energy \(nP\) that minimizes the error probability during transmission; see [1; Ch. 3].


See [2; Ch. 7] for more details.


  • Bounded-energy code — Constant-energy codes are bounded-energy codes constrained to lie on a sphere.



  • Quantum spherical code (QSC) — QSCs are quantum analogues of spherical and constant-energy codes because they store information in quantum superpositions of points on a sphere in quantum phase space.


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T. Ericson, and V. Zinoviev, eds. Codes on Euclidean spheres. Elsevier, 2001.
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