Algebraic-geometry (AG) code[13] 


Binary or \(q\)-ary code constructed from an algebraic curve of some genus over a finite field via the evaluation construction, the residue construction, or more general constructions that yield nonlinear codes. Linear AG codes from the first two constructions are also called geometric Goppa codes.

In alternative conventions (not used here), AG codes are restricted to be linear and/or include evaluation codes defined using algebraic varieties more general than curves.


Several sequences of linear AG codes beat the Gilbert-Varshamov bound and/or are asymptotically good [4,5] (see Ref. [6] for details). The rate of any linear AG code satisfies \begin{align} \frac{k}{n} \geq 1 - \frac{d}{n} - \frac{1}{\sqrt{q}-1}~, \tag*{(1)}\end{align} which comes from the Drinfeld-Vladut bound [7]. Nonlinear AG codes can outperform this bound.


See book by Goppa [8].




  • Maximum distance separable (MDS) code — Near MDS \([n,k,d]_{p^m}\) AG codes exist when \(n,p,m\) satisfy certain relations according to the Tsfasman-Vladut bound [9,10].
  • Evaluation code — Evaluation codes on varieties can also be considered AG codes since they use algebraic geometry in quantifying code bounds. However, early AG constructions all used only one-dimensional varieties, i.e., algebraic curves.
  • Qubit CSS code — Algebraic geometry codes can be plugged into the CSS construction to yield asymptotically good quantum codes [11,12]. However, such codes are not QLDPC.


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