\(\Lambda_{24}\) Leech lattice code[1] 


Even unimodular lattice in 24 dimensions that exhibits optimal packing.


The \(\Lambda_{24}\) Leech lattice has a nominal coding gain of \(4\). It exhibits the densest packing [2] and highest kissing number of 196560 in 24 dimensions.


Popular summary of solution to the sphere-packing problem in Quanta Magazine.



  • Golay code — The \(\Lambda_{24}\) Leech lattice can be obtained by lifting the Golay code to \(\mathbb{Z}_4\) [4], appending a parity check, and applying construction \(A_4\) [5] (see also [6]). Half of the lattice can be obtained in a different construction [7; Ex. 10.7.3].
  • Spherical sharp configuration — Several spherical sharp configrations are derived from the \(\Lambda_{24}\) Leech lattice [8].
  • Octacode — The Leech lattice can be constructed via the Turyn construction and the holy construction using the octacode as the glue code [9].
  • \(\Lambda_{24}\) Leech lattice-shell code


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