\([[8,3,2]]\) CSS code[1,2] 

Also known as Smallest interesting color code.


Smallest 3D color code whose physical qubits lie on vertices of a cube and which admits a transversal CCZ gate.

Transversal Gates

CZ gates between any two logical qubits [3] and CCZ gate [13].

Fault Tolerance

CCZ gate can be distilled in a fault-tolerant manner [4].


Trapped ions: one-qubit addition algorithm implemented fault-tolerantly on the Quantinuum H1-1 device [5].Superconducting circuits: fault-tolerant \(CZZ\) gate performed on IBM and IonQ devices [6].Rydberg atom arrays: Lukin group [7]. 48 logical qubits, 228 logical two-qubit gates, 48 logical CCZ gates, and error detection peformed in 16 blocks. Circuit outcomes were sampled and cross-entropy (XEB) was calculated to verify quantumness. Logical entanglement entropy was measured [8].




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