Three-dimensional color code[1] 


Three-dimensional version of the color code.

Transversal Gates

Universal transversal gates can be achieved using lattice surgery [2] or code deformation [3,4].


\(0.46\%\) for 3D codes with clustering decoder [5].\(1.9\%\) for 1D string-like logical operators and \(27.6\%\) for 2D sheet-like operators for 3D codes with noise models using optimal decoding and perfect measurements [5].




  • 3D surface code — The 3D color code is equivalent to multiple decoupled copies of the 3D surface code [68].
  • Dynamical automorphism (DA) code — The parent topological phase of the 3D DA color code is realized by two copies of the 3D color code.
  • Two-dimensional color code — Gauge fixing can be used to switch between 2D and 3D color codes, thereby yielding fault-tolerant with constant time overhead using only local quantum operations [9].
  • Haah cubic code — The 3D color and cubic code families both include 3D codes that do not admit string-like operators.


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