3D surface code[1][2]


A variant of the Kitaev surface code on a 3D lattice. The closely related solid code [3] consists of several 3D surface codes stitched together in a way that the distance scales faster than the linear size of the system.


Flip decoder and its modification p-flip [4].


Phenomenological noise model for the 3D toric code: \(2.90(2)\%\) under BP-OSD decoder [5], \(7.1\%\) under improved BP-OSD [6], and \(2.6\%\) under flip decoder [4]. For 3D surface code: \(3.08(4)\%\) under flip decoder [5].



  • Color code — Color code is equivalent to surface code in several ways [7][8]. For example, the color code on a \(D\)-dimensional closed manifold is equivalent to multiple decoupled copies of the \(D-1\)-dimensional surface code.
  • Self-correcting quantum code — The 3D welded solid code is partially self-correcting with a power-law energy barrier [3]. The 3D toric code is a classical self-correcting memory, whose protected bit admits a membrane-like logical operator [9].


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