4D surface code[1] 

Also known as Kitaev tesseract code.


A generalization of the Kitaev surface code defined on a 4D lattice. The code serves as a self-correcting quantum memory [1,2].

4D toric code often either refers to the construction on the four-dimensional torus or is an alternative name for the general construction.

Code Capacity Threshold

Independent \(X,Z\) noise: \(2.117\%\) with Hastings decoder [3] and \(7.3\%\) with RG decoder for 4D surface code [4]. It is conjectured via a statistical-mechanical mapping that the optimal ML decoder yields a threshold of \(11.003\%\) [5].


Phenomenological noise model for the 4D toric code: \(4.35\%\) with RG decoder [4], and \(4.3\%\) under improved BP-OSD decoder [6].Gate-based depolarizing noise: \(0.31\%\) with RG decoder for 4D toric code [4].\(1.59\%\) for independent \(X,Z\) noise and faulty syndrome measurements using the Hastings decoder [3].



  • Haah cubic code (CC) — The energy of any partial implementation of CC1 is proportional to the boundary length similar to the 4D toric code, which can potentially surpress the effects of thermal errors, but it is currently an open problem.


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