Modular-qudit surface code[1]


A family of stabilizer codes whose generators are few-body \(X\)-type and \(Z\)-type Pauli strings associated to the stars and plaquettes, respectively, of a tessellation of a two-dimensional surface (with a qudit located at each edge of the tesselation). The code has \( n=E \) many physical qudits, where \( E \) is the number of edges of the tesselation, and \( k=2g \) many logical qudits, where \( g \) is the genus of the surface.


When defined on an \(L\times L\) square tiling of the torus, protects against \(L\) errors. More generally, the code distance is the number of edges in the shortest non contractible cycle in the tesselation or dual tesselation [2].


The simplest Decodoku game is based on the qudit surface code with \( q=10\).



  • Kitaev surface code — The qudit surface code with \(q=2\) is the surface code.
  • String-net code — String-net model reduces to the qudit surface code when the category is the group \(\mathbb{Z}_q\).
  • Quantum-double code — A quantum-double model with \(G=\mathbb{Z}_q\) is the qudit surface code.
  • Translationally-invariant stabilizer code — Translation-invariant 2D prime-qudit topological stabilizer codes are equivalent to several copies of the prime-qudit surface code via a local constant-depth Clifford circuit [4].


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