Double-semion code[1]




  • Modular-qudit stabilizer code — Double-semion code can be realized as a modular-qudit stabilizer code with \(q=4\) [2].
  • Abelian topological code — When treated as ground states of the code Hamiltonian, the code states realize double-semion topological order, a topological phase of matter that also exists in twisted \(\mathbb{Z}_2\) gauge theory [3].


  • Kitaev surface code — There is a logical basis for the toric and double-semion codes where each codeword is a superposition of states corresponding to all noncontractible loops of a particular homotopy type. The superposition is equal for the toric code, whereas some loops appear with a \(-1\) coefficient for the double semion.

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“Double-semion code”, The Error Correction Zoo (V. V. Albert & P. Faist, eds.), 2022.