Galois-qudit topological code[13] 

Also known as \(\mathbb{F}_q\)-qudit topological code.


Abelian topological code, such as a 2D surface [1,3] or 2D color [2] code, constructed on lattices of Galois qudits.



  • 2D color code — Galois-qudit 2D color codes reduce to 2D color codes for \(q=2\).
  • Kitaev surface code — The Galois-qudit surface code for \(q=2\) reduces to the surface code.


  • Abelian quantum-double stabilizer code — A Galois qudit for \(q=p^m\) can be decomposed into a Kronecker product of \(m\) modular qudits [4]; see Sec. 5.3 of Ref. [5]. Galois-qudit topological surface and color codes yield Abelian quantum-double codes via this decomposition.


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