True Galois-qudit stabilizer code[13] 


Also called a linear stabilizer code. A \([[n,k,d]]_q\) stabilizer code whose stabilizer's symplectic representation forms a linear subspace. In other words, the set of \(q\)-ary vectors representing the stabilizer group is closed under both addition and multiplication by elements of \(GF(q)\). In contrast, Galois-qudit stabilizer codes admit sets of vectors that are closed under addition only.

The number of generators \(r\) for a true stabilizer code is a multiple of \(m\) (recall that \(q=p^m\) for Galois qudits). As a result, the number \(k=n-r/m\) of logical qudits is an integer.

Each code can be represented by a stabilizer generator matrix \(H=(A|B)\), where each row \((a|b)\) is the Galois symplectic representation of a stabilizer generator.


Detects errors on up to \(d-1\) qudits, and corrects erasure errors on up to \(d-1\) qudits.


See Ref. [4,5] for introductions to various stabilizer code constructions.




  • Linear \(q\)-ary code — A true Galois-qudit stabilizer code is the closest quantum analogue of a linear code over \(GF(q)\) because the \(q\)-ary vectors corresponding to the symplectic representation of the stabilizers form a linear subspace.


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