Balanced product (BP) code[1] 


Family of CSS quantum codes based on products of two classical codes which share common symmetries. The balanced product can be understood as taking the usual tensor/hypergraph product and then factoring out the symmetries factored. This reduces the overall number of physical qubits \(n\), while, under certain circumstances, leaving the number of encoded qubits \(k\) and the code distance \(d\) invariant. This leads to a more favourable encoding rate \(k/n\) and normalized distance \(d/n\) compared to the tensor/hypergraph product.


Taking balanced products of two classical LDPC codes which have a symmetry group which grows linearly in their block lengths were known to give QLDPC codes with a linear rate and which were conjectured to have linear distance [1]. This conjecture was proved in Ref. [2].


A notable family of balanced product codes encode \(k \in \Theta(n^{4/5})\) logical qubits with distance \(d \in \Omega(n^{3/5})\) for any number of physical qubits \(n\). Additionally, it is known that the code constructed from the balanced product of two good classical LDPC codes over groups of order \(\Theta(n)\) has a constant encoding rate [1].


BP-OSD decoder [3].





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