Fracton code 


A code whose codewords make up the ground-state space of a fracton-phase Hamiltonian.




  • Topological code — Fracton phases can be understood as topological defect networks, meaning that they can be described in the language of topological quantum field theory with defects [2,3].
  • Groupoid toric code — Some groupiod toric code models admit fracton-like features such as extensive ground-state degeneracy and excitations with restricted mobility.
  • Translationally invariant stabilizer code — Translationally-invariant stabilizer codes can realize fracton orders. Conversely, fracton codes need not be translationally invariant, and can realize multiple phases on one lattice.
  • XZZX surface code — Subsystem symmetries play a role in finite-bias decoders for both codes [4].


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