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Encodes \(K\)-dimensional Hilbert space into a tensor-product or direct sum of factors, with each factor spanned by states of a quantum mechanical spin or, more generally, an irreducible representation of a Lie group.

In the simplest case of a spin half (i.e., a qubit), the canonical states \(|^J_m\rangle\) of a single \(2J+1\)-dimensional factor are labeled by total angular momentum \(J\) (either integer or half-integer) and its \(z\)-axis projection \(m\). There can be multiple factors of the same size, as in the case of atomic or molecular state spaces, and the number of factors can be infinite. In contrast to other qudit codes, spin codes are closely associated with the angular momentum Lie algebra and/or \(SU(2)\), \(SO(3)\), or more general Lie groups.


Spin-half codes are designed to protect against \(SU(2)\) rotations by small angles, while others protect against changes in the total angular momentum \(J\) or its projection \(m\).




  • Eigenstate thermalization hypothesis (ETH) code — Relevant many-body systems housing ETH codes include 1D non-interacting spin chains or frustration-free systems such as Motzkin chains and Heisenberg models.
  • Movassagh-Ouyang Hamiltonian code — Justesen codes can be used to build a family of \(n\)-qudit Movassagh-Ouyang Hamiltonian spin codes encoding one logical qubit with linear distance. These codes form the ground-state subspace of a frustration-free geometrically local Hamiltonian [4].


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