Repeat-accumulate (RA) code[1] 


An LDPC code whose parity-check matrix has weight-two columns arranged in a step-like pattern for its last columns [2].


Minimum-distance upper bounds [3,4].


RA codes are not asymptotically good [5].


An encoder for an RA code acting on a string \((c_1c_2\cdots c_K)\) of logical bits begins by repeating each bit three times to obtain the length-\(3K\) bitstring \((c_1 c_1 c_1 c_2 c_2 c_2 \cdots c_K c_K c_K)\), permuting using a random permutation to obtain a bitstring \(u\), and applying the mod-two accumulated sum (or accumulator) to obtain [6; Ch. 49] \begin{align} (u_{1},u_{1}+u_{2},\cdots,u_{1}+\cdots+u_{3K})~. \tag*{(1)}\end{align} The first repeating step is effectively using a 1-in-3 repetition code, which can be thought of as the outer code in this concatenated construction.




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