Freedman-Meyer-Luo code[1]


Hyperbolic surface code constructed using cellulation of a Riemann Manifold \(M\) exhibitng systolic freedom [2]. Codes derived from such manifolds can achieve distances scaling better than \(\sqrt{n}\), something that is impossible using closed 2D surfaces or 2D surfaces with boundaries [3]. Improved codes are obtained by studying a weak family of Riemann metrics on closed 4-dimensional manifolds \(S^2\otimes S^2\) with the \(Z_2\)-homology.


Four-dimensional manifolds with weak systolic freedom yield \([[n,2,\Omega(\sqrt{n \sqrt{\log n}})]]\) surface codes.


Codes held a 20-year record the best lower bound on asymptotic scaling of the minimum code distance, \(d=\Omega(\sqrt{n \sqrt{\log n}})\), broken by Ramanujan tensor-product codes.


See thesis by Fetaya for pedagogical exposition [4].



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“Freedman-Meyer-Luo code”, The Error Correction Zoo (V. V. Albert & P. Faist, eds.), 2022.
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“Freedman-Meyer-Luo code”, The Error Correction Zoo (V. V. Albert & P. Faist, eds.), 2022.