Three-fermion (3F) Walker-Wang model code[1,2] 


A 3D lattice stabilizer code whose low-energy excitations on boundaries realize the three-fermion anyon theory [35] and that can be used as a resource state for fault-tolerant MBQC [2].


3F QCA encoder [6,7], which can be simplified using bosonization [8].


Clifford gates can be performed by braiding and fusing symmetry defects in the MBQC model.

Fault Tolerance

Fault-tolerant MBQC protocol by encoding in, braiding, and fusing symmetry defects.



  • 3D bosonization code — The 3F QCA encoder [6,7] can be simplified using bosonization [8].
  • Three-fermion (3F) subsystem code — The (three-dimensional) 3F Walker-Wang model cluster-like state encodes the temporal gate operations on the (two-dimensional) 3F subsystem code into a third spatial dimension [2].


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