Tetron Majorana code[1][2][3]


Also called a Majorana box qubit or Majorana qubit. An \([[n,2,2]]_{f}\) Majorana stabilizer code forming the even-fermion-parity ground-state subspace of two parallel Kitaev Majorana chains in their topological phase. An extension using three Kitaev chains and housing two logical qubits of the same parity is called the hexon Majorana code.


Single Majorana operators are detectable because they map the even-parity codespace into an odd-parity error space.


Braiding and fusion of MZMs, which act as Ising anyons [4][5].


Qubit readout can be done by charge sensing [5][2][3][6].



  • Kitaev chain code — Kitaev chain codewords can be obtained by restricting to only one Kitaev chain out of the two chains that define the tetron Majorana code.


  • Hamiltonian-based code — The tetron code forms the ground-state subspace of two Kitaev Majorana chain Hamiltonians.
  • Topological code — The MZMs used to define the tetron code act as Ising anyons, which are non-Abelian.


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