Knill code[1] 

Also known as Clifford code.


A group representation code whose projection is onto an irrep of a normal subgroup of the group formed by a nice error basis. Knill codes yield stabilizer-like codes based on error bases that are non-Pauli but that nevertheless maintain many of the useful features of Pauli-type bases.

Nice error basis: A nice error basis [13] for an \(q\)-dimensional vector space is a set \(\{E_g~,~g\in G\}\) of unitary operators, where \(G\) is a (not necessarily Abelian) group of order \(q^2\), and where \begin{align} \text{tr}(E_{g})&=q\delta^{G}_{g,1}\tag*{(1)}\\ E_{g}E_{h}&=\omega_{g,h}E_{gh} \tag*{(2)}\end{align} for all group elements \(g,h\). Above, \(\delta^{G}_{g,1}\) is the group Kronecker-delta function. A basis is called very nice if \(\omega\) is a root of unity. This definition can naturally be extended to continuous groups.


Catalogue of nice error bases, managed by A. Klappenecker and M. Rotteler, is available on this website.Many Knill codes are qubit stabilizer codes [4]. A table of non-stabilizer Knill codes is available in Ref. [5]. An infinite family is constructed in Ref. [6].



  • Stabilizer code — Stabilizer codes are Knill codes whose nice error basis is either the Pauli strings, modular-qudit Pauli strings, Galois-qudit Pauli strings, oscillator displacement operators, or rotor generalized Pauli strings.



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