Knill code[1] 

Also known as Clifford code.


A group representation code whose projection is onto an irrep of a normal subgroup of the group formed by a nice error basis. Knill codes yield stabilizer-like codes based on error bases that are non-Pauli but that nevertheless maintain many of the useful features of Pauli-type bases.

Nice error basis: A nice error basis [13] for an \(q\)-dimensional vector space is a set \(\{E_g~,~g\in G\}\) of unitary operators, where \(G\) is a (not necessarily Abelian) group of order \(q^2\), and where \begin{align} \text{tr}(E_{g})&=q\delta^{G}_{g,1}\tag*{(1)}\\ E_{g}E_{h}&=\omega_{g,h}E_{gh} \tag*{(2)}\end{align} for all group elements \(g,h\). Above, \(\delta^{G}_{g,1}\) is the group Kronecker-delta function. A basis is called very nice if \(\omega\) is a root of unity. This definition can naturally be extended to continuous groups.

The first example of an error basis based on a non-Abelian error group is due to S. Egner and consists of products of \(S\), Pauli, and Hadamard gates [1].


Catalogue of nice error bases, managed by A. Klappenecker and M. Rotteler, is available on this website.Many Knill codes are qubit stabilizer codes [4]. A table of non-stabilizer Knill codes is available in Ref. [5]. An infinite family is constructed in Ref. [6].



  • Stabilizer code — Stabilizer codes are Knill codes whose nice error basis is either the Pauli strings, modular-qudit Pauli strings, Galois-qudit Pauli strings, oscillator displacement operators, or rotor generalized Pauli strings.



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