Concatenated bosonic code 


A concatenated code whose inner code is a bosonic code.


Decoder exploiting analog information from the inner code for bosonic codes concatenated with qubit QLDPC codes [1].




  • Coherent-state constellation code — Coherent-state constellation codes consisting of points from a Gaussian quadrature rule can be concatenated with quantum polar codes to achieve the Gaussian coherent information of the thermal noise channel [2,3].
  • Quantum spherical code (QSC) — CSS codes concatenated with two-component cat codes form QSCs which have a weight-based notion of distance.
  • \(D_4\) hyper-diamond GKP code — The \(D_4\) hyper-diamond GKP code can be seen as a concatenation of a rotated square-lattice GKP code with a repetition code [4]. This is related to the fact that the four-bit repetition code yields the \(D_4\) hyper-diamond lattice code via Construction A.
  • Oscillator-into-oscillator GKP code — Oscillator-into-oscillator GKP oscillator-into-oscillator codes concantenated with GKP qubit-into-mode codes can outperform the more conventional concatenations of GKP codes with qubit stabilizer codes [5].


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