Kitaev honeycomb code[1][2]


Code whose logical subspace is labeled by different fusion outcomes of Ising anyons present in the non-Abelian topological phase of the Kitaev honeycomb model [1]. Each logical qubit is constructed out of four Majorana operators, which admit braiding-based gates due to their non-Abelian statistics and which can be used for topological quantum computation.


Anyon initialization via quantum control [3].


Clifford gates can be performed by braiding Majorana operators and Pauli measurements can be performed by measuring certain Majorana operators [2].CPHASE gate or a \(\pi/8\) rotation with the help of ancilla states completes a universal gate set [2].


  • Majorana stabilizer code — While the Kitaev honeycomb model is bosonic, a fermionic mapping is useful for solving and understanding the model. Logical subspace of the Kitaev honeycomb code can be formulated as a joint eigenspace of certain Majorana operators [2; Sec. 4.1]. Logical Paulis are also be constructed out of Majorana operators.
  • Topological code — Kitaev honeycomb codes utilizes the non-Abelian Ising-anyon topological order phase of the Kitaev honeycomb model [1]. This phase is also known as a \(p+ip\) superconducting phase [4]. The Kitaev honeycomb model also admits an abelian \(\mathbb{Z}_2\) topological order.


  • Honeycomb Floquet code — The Kitaev honeycomb model has a Hamiltonian which is the sum of checks of the honeycomb Floquet code [5].
  • Matching code — Matching codes were inspired by the \(\mathbb{Z}_2\) topological order phase of the Kitaev honeycomb model [1].


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