Conformal-field theory (CFT) code[1,2] 


Approximate code whose codewords lie in the low-energy subspace of a conformal field theory, e.g., the quantum Ising model at its critical point [1,2]. Its encoding is argued to perform source coding (i.e., compression) as well as channel coding (i.e., error correction) [1].


Code performance is quantified by a lower bound on the entanglement fidelity in terms of the conditional mutual information [1; Eq. (9)]; see also [3; Appx. A]. The coherent information of the combined noise and recover channel can also be perturbatively expanded [2].

Code Capacity Threshold

Threshold under dephasing depends on the structure of the conformal field theory, with the 1D critical Ising model admitting a finite threshold against certain dephasing noise [2].



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