Jordan-Wigner transformation code[13] 


A mapping between qubit Pauli strings and Majorana operators that can be thought of as a trivial \([[n,n,1]]\) code. The mapping is best described as converting a chain of \(n\) qubits into a chain of \(2n\) Majorana modes (i.e., \(n\) fermionic modes). It maps Majorana operators into Pauli strings of weight \(O(n)\).

The Majorana modes \(\{\gamma_j\}\) are defined from Pauli strings as follows, \begin{align} \begin{split} \gamma_{0}&=\phantom{X}Z\\ i\gamma_{1}&= X Z\\ \gamma_{2}&=X\phantom{Z}\otimes\phantom{X}Z\\\gamma_{3}&=X\phantom{Z}\otimes XZ\\ i\gamma_{4}&=X\phantom{Z}\otimes X\phantom{Z}\otimes\phantom{X}Z\\ &\vdots \end{split} \tag*{(1)}\end{align} The \(X\)-type Pauli strings ensure that the resulting Majorana operators satisfy the appropriate anti-commutation relations, namely, \(\{\gamma_i,\gamma_j\} = \delta_{ij}\).


Circuit of depth linear in the number of qubits \(n\). The depth can be reduced for particle-preserving systems [4] and in other contexts [5].




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