Classical Goppa code[13] 

Also known as LG code.


Let \( G(x) \) be a polynomial describing a projective-plane curve with coefficients from \( GF(q^m) \) for some fixed integer \(m\). Let \( L \) be a finite subset of the extension field \( GF(q^m) \) where \(q\) is prime, meaning \( L = \{\alpha_1, \cdots, \alpha_n\} \) is a subset of nonzero elements of \( GF(q^m) \). A Goppa code \( \Gamma(L,G) \) is an \([n,k,d]_q\) linear code consisting of all vectors \(a = a_1, \cdots, a_n\) such that \( R_a(x) =0 \) modulo \(G(x)\), where \( R_a(x) = \sum_{i=1}^n \frac{a_i}{z - \alpha_i} \).

Goppa codes are residue AG codes [4; Thm. 15.3.28]. Their duals are evaluation codes that are sometimes called geometric Reed Solomon codes [5; Thm. 2.71].


The length \( n = |L| \) , dimension \( k \geq n-mr \) where \( r = \text{deg} G(x) \), and the minimum distance \( d \geq r +1 \).


Algebraic decoding algorithms [6]. If \( \text{deg} G(x) = 2t \) , then there exists a \(t\)-correcting algebraic decoding algorithm for \( \Gamma(L,G) \).Sugiyama et al. modification of the extended Euclidean algorithm [7,8].Guruswami-Sudan list decoder [9].Binary Goppa codes can be decoded using a RS-based decoder [10].


Initial version of the McEliece public-key cryptosystem [11,12] and its variation by Niederreiter [13] where the generator matrix is replaced by the parity check matrix. Some of these were proven to be insecure since the public key exposes algebraic structure of code [14].


GAP function GoppaCode(G,L) takes in a polynomial \(G\) that satisfies the necessary conditions for a Goppa code and a list \(L\) that contains elements in \(GF(q)\) that are not roots of \(G\). It returns a Goppa code.


  • Generalized RS (GRS) code — Goppa codes are \(GF(q)\)-subfield subcode of the dual of the GRS code over \(GF(q^m)\) with evaluation points \(\alpha_i\) and factors \(v_i=G(\alpha_i)^{-1}\) ([15], pg. 523; [5]).
  • Cartier code — Goppa codes are Cartier codes from a curve of genus zero [16].



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