Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) code[13] 

Also known as Frame check sequence (FCS).


A generalization of the single parity-check code in which the generalization of the parity bit is the remainder of the data string (mapped into a polynomial via the Cyclic-to-polynomial correspondence) divided by some generator polynomial. A notable family of codes is referred to as CRC-(\(m-1\)), where \(m\) is the length of the generator polynomial.


Detects any burst error up to the length of the generator polynomial.


CRC-16 and CRC-32 are used in data transmission, e.g., IEEE 802.16e, IEEE 802.3 [4] and TCP/IP communication [5; Sec. 2.3.3].


See Ref. [6] and book [7] for introductions to CRC codes.See Refs. [8,9] for exhaustive lists of CRC polynomials, as well as the CRC Polynomial Zoo website by Philip Koopman.




  • Polar code — CRC codes concataned with polar codes yield improved performance of the SCL polar-code decoder [10,11].


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