600-cell code 


Spherical \((4,120,(3-\sqrt{5})/2)\) code whose codewords are the vertices of the 600-cell. See [1; Table 1][2; Table 3] for realizations of the 120 codewords. A realization in terms of quaternions yields the 120 elements of the binary icosahedral group \(2I\) [3].

Figure I: Projection of the coordinates of the \(600\)-cell.


The 600-cell code is unique up to equivalence, which follows from saturating the Boroczky bound [4,5].


The 600-cell code yields improved proofs of the Bell-Kochen-Specker (BKS) theorem [1].See post by J. Baez for more details.



  • 24-cell code — Vertices of a 600-cell can be split up into vertices of five 24-cells [1,6,9].


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