Projective RM (PRM) code[1,2] 


Reed-Muller code for nonzero points \(\{\alpha_1,\cdots,\alpha_n\}\) whose leftmost nonzero coordinate is one, corresponding to an evaluation code of polynomials over projective coordinates.

PRM codes PRM\(_q(r,m)\) for \(r<q\) are injective evaluation codes with parameters [3] \begin{align} \left[ q^m+q^{m-1}\cdots +1, {m+r \choose r},(q+1-r)q^{m-1} \right]~. \tag*{(1)}\end{align}



  • Projective geometry code — Nonzero codewords of minimum weight of a \(r\)th-order \(q\)-ary projective RM code correspond to algebraic hypersurfaces of degree \(r\) having the largest number of points in the projective space \(PG(n,q)\) [4; Thm. 14.3.3].
  • Griesmer code — PRM codes for \(r=1\) attain the Griesmer bound for all \(m\) [5].


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