Multi-fusion string-net code[1] 


Family of codes resulting from the string-net construction but whose input is a unitary multi-fusion category (as opposed to a unitary fusion category).



  • Groupoid toric code — Groupoid toric-code categories are unitary multi-fusion categories based on matrix algebras [1], so groupoid toric codes can equivalently be formulated as multi-fusion string-net codes.
  • String-net code


  • Hopf-algebra quantum-double code — Extending the Hopf algebra quantum-double construction to a weak Hopf algebra construction yields an alternative formulation [3][2; Fig. 1] for realizing multi-fusion string-net topological orders because of the relationship between representations of weak Hopf algebras and multi-fusion categories [4]. Tensor network constructions can be done for either formulation [5,6].


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