Coherent FSK (CFSK) c-q code[1,2] 


Coherent-state c-q code encoding into coherent states that are frequency-shifted with certain initial relative phase.

Codewords are coherent states \(|\alpha_m\rangle\), where \begin{align} \alpha_m = \alpha e^{i(\omega_0+[m-1]\Delta\omega)t+i(m-1)\Delta\theta} \tag*{(1)}\end{align} for common frequency \(\omega_0\), frequency shift \(\Delta\omega < 2\pi/T\), total time \(T\), and phase shift \(\Delta\theta\).


The square-root measurement is not optimal for CFSK c-q codes, unlike for PSK c-q codes [3].


Bondurant receiver [4].Cyclic receiver [5].Time-resolving receiver [1,2,6].Bayesian inference [1].


Time-resolving quantum receiver [6].Bondurant receiver [5].Bayesian inference [2].



  • PSK c-q code — The CFSK c-q code reduces to the \(q\)-ary PSK c-q code when \(\Delta\omega = 0\) and \(\Delta\theta = 2\pi/q\).



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