Subsystem CSS code[13] 


Subsystem stabilizer code which admits a set of gauge-group generators which consist of either all-\(Z\) or all-\(X\) Pauli strings. This ensures that the code's stabilizer group is also CSS.

The gauge group generators can be expressed as a matrix using the symplectic reprensetation. This matrix is of the form \begin{align} G=\begin{pmatrix}0 & G_{Z}\\ G_{X} & 0 \end{pmatrix}~. \label{eq:parity} \tag*{(1)}\end{align} The two matrix blocks, \(G_{Z}\) and \(G_X\), correspond to the parity-check matrices of two binary linear codes, an \([n,k_X,d_X]\) code \(C_X\) and \([n,k_Z,d_Z]\) code \(C_Z\), respectively. Code parameters and basis states can be expressed in terms of only data associated with these two classical codes [1,2,4].


Steane-type decoder utilizing data from the underlying classical codes [4].


  • Subsystem qubit stabilizer code — Subsystem CSS codes are subsystem stabilizer codes whose gauge groups admit a generating set of pure-\(X\) and pure-\(Z\) Pauli strings. Any \([[n,k,r,d]]\) subsystem stabilizer code can be mapped onto a \([[2n,2k,2r,\geq d]]\) subsystem CSS code via symplectic doubling, which preserves geometric locality of a code up to a constant factor. Every subsystem stabilizer code can be constructed from two nested subsystem CSS codes satisfying certain constraints [4].
  • Subsystem modular-qudit CSS code — Subsystem modular-qudit CSS codes reduce to subsystem qubit CSS codes for \(q=2\).
  • Subsystem Galois-qudit CSS code — Subsystem Galois-qudit CSS codes reduce to subsystem qubit CSS codes for \(q=2\).



  • Qubit CSS code — Subsystem qubit CSS codes reduce to (subspace) CSS qubit codes when there is no gauge subsystem.


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