\(A_2\) hexagonal lattice code 


Two-dimensional lattice that exhibits optimal packing, solving the packing, kissing, covering and quantization problems. Its dual is the honeycomb lattice.

It's generator matrix is \begin{align} V=\begin{pmatrix}1 & 0\\ -1/2 & \sqrt{3}/2 \end{pmatrix}~. \tag*{(1)}\end{align} All possible sublattices are characterized in Refs. [1,2] from the point of view of information transmission over the AGWN channel.


The hexagonal lattice exhibits the densest packing with density \(\Delta = \pi/\sqrt{12} \approx 0.9069\) [3; Sec. 1.4], the highest kissing number of 6, and the thinnest covering with thickness \(\Theta = 2\pi/3\sqrt{3}\approx 1.2092\) [4] in two dimensions. It solves the quantizer problem in two dimensions with \(G_2 = \frac{5}{36\sqrt{3}}\) [58]. It also solves the Gaussian channel coding problem [6].


Wireless communication [9,10].




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