Interleaved RS (IRS) code 


A modification of RS codes where multiple polynomials are used to define each codeword. Each codeword \(\mu\) of a \(t\)-interleaved RS code is a string of values of the corresponding set \(\{f_\mu^{(1)},f_\mu^{(2)},\cdots,f_\mu^{(t)}\}\) of \(t\) polynomials at the points \(\alpha_i\). The vector codewords can be arranged in an array whose rows are ordinary RS codes for each polynomial \(f^{j}\), yielding the encoding \begin{align} \mu\to\left( \begin{array}{cccc} f_{\mu}^{(1)}\left(\alpha_{1}\right) & f_{\mu}^{(1)}\left(\alpha_{2}\right) & \cdots & f_{\mu}^{(1)}\left(\alpha_{n}\right)\\ f_{\mu}^{(2)}\left(\alpha_{1}\right) & f_{\mu}^{(2)}\left(\alpha_{2}\right) & & f_{\mu}^{(2)}\left(\alpha_{n}\right)\\ \vdots & & \ddots & \vdots\\ f_{\mu}^{(t)}\left(\alpha_{1}\right) & f_{\mu}^{(t)}\left(\alpha_{2}\right) & \cdots & f_{\mu}^{(t)}\left(\alpha_{n}\right) \end{array}\right)~. \tag*{(1)}\end{align}


Decoder that corrects up to \(1-\frac{2k+n}{3n}\) fraction of random errors [1].Decoder that corrects up to \(1-(\frac{k}{n})^{2/3}\) fraction of random errors [2].


The cross-interleaved RS (CIRC), an IRS code using two shortened RS codes and two forms of interleaving, was used for compact discs (CDs) [3] (see Ref. [4], Sec. 5.6 and Ref. [5], Ch. 4).



  • Parvaresh-Vardy (PV) code — PV codes are IRS codes with specific algebraic relations between the codeword polynomials that allow for efficient list decoding.
  • Reed-Solomon (RS) code — An IRS code utilizing one polynomial \(f\) reduces to an RS code.


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