Goethals code[1] 


Member of a family of \((2^m,2^{2^m-3m+1},8)\) binary nonlinear codes for \(m \geq 6\) that generalizes the Preparata codes. The code can be constructed as disjoint union of cosets of a certain linear code [2; Ch. 15].


The rate is \({2^m -3m +1}/2^m\), going to 1 as block length goes to infinity.



  • Delsarte-Goethals (DG) code — Hergert codes for a given \(m\) are duals of DG\((m,1/2(m-2))\) codes in that their distance distribution is equal to the MacWilliams transform of the distance distribution of the DG codes [4]. However, the two codes are images of a pair of mutually dual linear codes over \(\mathbb{Z}_4\) under the Gray map [5,6].
  • \(((2^m,2^{2^m−5m+1},8))\) Goethals-Preparata code — The \(((2^m,2^{2^m−5m+1},8))\) Goethals-Preparata code is constructed using the classical Goethals and Preparata codes [7,8]. A construction using the \(\mathbb{Z}_4\) versions of the Goethals and Preparata codes and the Gray map yields qubit code families with similar parameters [9].


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